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Danke für alle Antworten. Yusuf Dikmenoglu [MVP] UTC. Aug 31,  · Diese Statistik zeigt alle Leistungsdaten von René Weiler. Die Anzeige kann nach Saison, Verein, Ligahöhe und Wettbewerb gefiltert werden. Apr 01,  · WEILER Abrasives d.o.o., Titova cesta 60, Maribor. Davčna in matična številka, poslovni in finančni podatki podjetja na poslovnem asistentu Bizi.

Abstract. In a context of climate change and water demand growth, understanding the origin of water flows in the Himalayas is a key issue for assessing the current and future water resource availability and planning the future uses of water in downstream regions. Two of the main issues in the hydrology of high-altitude glacierized catchments are (i) the limited representation of cryospheric.

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Zhu, Z. Singh, S. However, the outflow is underestimated by the model during the monsoon season in They only allow us to evaluate integrated variables such as the annual glacier mass balance, the seasonal snow cover area dynamics, and the outflow at the catchment outlet with significant uncertainties that impact the estimation of Ahonymes different flow components. This study focuses on the Pheriche sub-catchment of the Dudh Koshi basin outlet at coordinates Review statement. In order to test the impact of the representation of the cryospheric processes on the hydrological modeling, we performed simulations with the four following configurations: v0: original DHSVM-GDM snow and glacier parameterization; v1: modified snow albedo parameterization; v2: modified snow albedo parameterization and avalanche module; v3: modified snow albedo parameterization, avalanche module, and melt coefficient for debris-covered glaciers. Wdiler simulated total water input i. This is mainly due to glacier meltwater stored inside the glaciers during the pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons and continuing surging during winter, as well as to changes in the soil water storage Figs. Indeed, the quantification of the ice melt contribution enables us to assess the proportion of water currently available which is coming from a long-term accumulation in the glaciers and thus to assess the annual decrease in the basin water storage due to glacier melt. The resulting DHSVM-GDM simulates the spatial distribution and the temporal evolution of the principal water balance terms soil moisture, evapotranspiration, sublimation, glacier mass balance, snow cover, and runoff at hourly to daily timescales. Baptism of Anonymous Weiler Ubstadt-Weiher, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Irvine-Fynn, T. Zhang, Y. Wagnon, P. The simulated hydrological contributions differ not only depending on the used models and implemented processes, but also on different definitions of the estimated flow components. Finally, a major source of uncertainty lies in the lack of meteorological data at high elevation because of the inaccessibility on the terrain and in the measurement errors when observations are available, due to extreme meteorological conditions. Figure 13 Daily discharges and flow components simulated with Anonymes Datum in Weiler v3: a production of ice melt, snowmelt, and net rainfall note that the sum of the flow components represents the total water input and is not equal to the discharge at the catchment outlet; see definition Anlnymes, Sect. Clapp, R. All clubs 1. September 25, 1 day Ubstadt, Ubstadt-Weiher, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Moreover, configuration v3 modifies the seasonal variation of the outflow by increasing winter discharges and reducing monsoon discharges not illustrated herewhich improves the daily NSE and KGE Table 3. The authors also acknowledge Bettina Schaefli, Markus Weiler, and a third anonymous reviewer for their comments and suggestions, which significantly improved this paper's content. Table 3 NSE and KGE values calculated on the daily discharges on the period — for each model configuration. The first line corresponds to the reference simulation configuration v3 and simulations 1 to 27 refer to the sensitivity analysis simulations parameters different from the reference simulation are highlighted. Using configuration v3, we also tested the impact of using different glacier outlines the GAMDAM and ICIMOD inventories were also considered for simulations and analyzed the sensitivity related to different values of parameters related to the cryospheric processes see Table B1. Here, the Racoviteanu et al. View Complete Profile. The configuration with all three modifications v3 gives results similar to the original parameterization of DHSVM-GDM v0 in terms of glacier mass balance, improving slightly the annual outflow. Nijssen, B. Change,—, Leung, L. With configuration v0, the model overestimates the point mass balances because of small snowmelt rates see also Sect. Precipitation at the Pangboche station was recorded with a tipping bucket. On Barbara Weiler. Figure 6 Daily temperature and precipitation lapse rates. The simulation results are analyzed using two different definitions of the flow components definitions 1 and 2; see Sect. For the rest of this study we call MODIS data albedo and snow cover data obtained with the MODImLab algorithm. The SOTER Nepal soil classification Dijkshoorn and Hutingand a land-cover classification from ICIMOD Bajracharyawere used for the soil and land-cover description. Fujita, K. DHSVM-GDM is a physically based model with a large number of parameters which are difficult to define, particularly in a study area with little information on catchment characteristics and limited validation data. Bundesliga UEFA Champions League Qualifying Europa League Europa League Qualifying DFB-Pokal CAF-Champions League Super League Jupiler Pro League Belgian Supercup Egyptian Premier League Egyptian Super Cup Egypt Cup Swiss Cup Beker Weeiler Belgie Challenge League 1. Agent: SPOCS Global Sports Avg. Figure 7 Simulated annual hydrological contributions definition 1 to Pheriche outflow for 3 glaciological years from December to November The net rainfall, snowmelt, and ice melt absolute contributions are at their maxima in July and August during the monsoon season. Burns, P. Start My Family Tree! Get Started. Recent studies have estimated present glacier and snowmelt contributions to the outflow in Nepalese Himalayan catchments e. This paper was edited by Markus Weiler and reviewed by Bettina Schaefli and one anonymous referee. This is probably related to the use Weiper constant parameters in the parameterization of the englacial porous layer for glacier storage. In the original DHSVM-GDM version, glacier melt is Anonymes Datum in Weiler transferred to the soil surface, which is parameterized as bedrock under glaciers Naz et al. This section presents the outflows and flow components simulated in the Pheriche basin during the period — with the modified version of DHSVM-GDM configuration v3. Table 1. In contrast, was a year with a lot of winter snowfall, which delayed the beginning Anonnymes the glacier melt and explains the lower ice melt component. Anonumes 8 Comparison of the MODIS SCA and the simulated daily SCA with the four modeling configurations v0, v1, v2, and Weilr for the Pheriche catchment. Weiler et al. Discharge Anonymss at Pheriche station were used as a reference for the evaluation of simulated outflows. Glacier inventories are commonly used as forcing data to delineate glacierized areas in glacio-hydrological modeling studies. The ice melt component is mainly controlled by the amount of winter snowfall. DK participated in in situ data collection. The overall performance of the simulation of the daily discharge is affected by the choice of the parameter values of the porous englacial layer NSE values ranging between 0. Hazards Earth Syst. Anonymous Weiler. Racoviteanu et al. During winter, pre-monsoon, and Dstum, the observed outflow is rather constant during the day, with a weak peak around noon when the temperature is at its maximum. Benn, D. Concerning contributing areas definition 2the parameter values mainly impact the distribution between direct and delayed runoff from glacierized areas. Wigmosta, M. Anpnymes 15 presents the diurnal cycles of precipitation and hydrological components averaged for each considered season winter, Ahonymes, monsoon, and post-monsoon obtained with configuration v3. Geni requires JavaScript! Figure 4 Original and modified parameterization of the snow albedo evolution in DHSVM-GDM and comparison with observed albedo data — in Pheriche, Pyramid, and Changri Nup. Figure 10 compares the simulated mean annual glacier mass balances obtained with the different model configurations with mass balances determined with geodetic methods between and Bolch et al. Therefore, further improvements should be based on studies analyzing the mechanisms of glacier drainage systems in the Khumbu region and their influence on glacier outflows e. This study discusses the representation of the snow and glacier processes in hydrological models and its impact on the estimated flow components, and also addresses the issue of defining the glacier contribution to the river streamflow. This could explain the longer transfer time observed on the measured outflows which are not represented by the model. The relative flow components were estimated using two different definitions based on the water inputs and contributing areas. The hydrological regime follows the precipitation cycle with high flows during the monsoon season, when most of the annual precipitation occurs, complemented by the melting of snow and ice, and low flows during winter. September 25, Beckers, J. Indeed, four of the geodetic mass balances were derived for the Khumbu—Changri glacier, while mass Anonymes Datum in Weiler from this study and from Brun et al. Irvine-Fynn et al. Hanzer, F. Distributed ice thickness is derived from the terrain slope following Anoynmes method described in Haeberli and Hölzle Change, 4, —,


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